[ Bǎi fú lín mén] 

Bai         :  Hundreds
Fu          :  Fortune or prosperity
Linmen   : At your door step or in front of you

“Bountiful good fortune bestowed upon you”

The bat is considered an auspicious traditional Chinese feng shui symbol for prosperity. In traditional feng shui applications, the Bat is considered a symbol of wealth and used as a wealth remedy because of the same phonetic pronunciation for Bat - "Fook" 福 (fú) - which means "Prosperity" 禄 (lù) - in Chinese. Bat also came to represent happiness and longevity, so it is an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture. 

According to Designer Feng Shui Master Chang; "The influence and contributions of Bats on our lives are nothing short of legendary. In caves up on the hills in China are found Silver-like coloured Bats of more than a thousand years old are found in the caves high up on the hills in China. The ability of these Bats to swallow its own breath allows it to attains a very long life.

These magnificent bats have medicinal values and are an important ingredient in Chinese herbal medicines. They normally appear in the summer to bring happiness and are dormant in the winter. Because of its ability to swallow its own breath, it attains a very long age.

The symbolic presence of Bats is employed in many Chinese homes. The Bat symbol are often combined with other fortune symbols to signify wealth 财 (cái)- ."