Feng Shui Designer, Master Chang

Master Chang spent the first part of his career in the advertising and creative industry, specializing in graphic, multimedia and web designs as well as video post-productions prior to his spiritual calling to serve his apprenticeship under revered Master Zhong Gui and revered Master Huang Yilan from the Tian Di Ri Yue Guan Yin Tham temple.

Upon his successful apprenticeship, Master Chang was bestowed a new name; Master Chang LiDun (鄭禮敦) by the benevolent deity great grand master ‘Jiang Tai Gong’ (姜太公) and received blessings to establish Baifu Linmen FengShui(百福臨門風水閣) , a name bestowed upon by the benevolent deity great grand master. Baifu Linmen FengShu is a Feng Shui gallery that specializes in bespoke Feng Shui merchandises and services.

In his later years as a Feng Shui practitioner, Master Chang was re-assigned to the direct tutelage of the benevolent deity Jiang Tai Gong (姜太公) where gained extra skills, knowledge and deeper understanding of Feng Shui and numerology. Master Chang has since spent more than a decade helping numerous businesses and people from all walks of life to re-tune their destiny towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

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