Residential Feng Shui

On-site visit and detailed analysis of your home and the flow direction of Chi energy. The environmental and external aspects of the immediate surroundings of your house will be taken into consideration.

​Readings from different parts of the house will be taken. From here, charts and calculations will be made with a formulated process to determine the flow of energy into and within the house.

​Recommendations will be made with tested Feng Shui systems balance the elements by locations, directions, positioning and adjustments of certain fittings, furniture, and colors (if necessary). No major renovation works are required unless requested by the client.

​This service will also include auspicious date selection for starting of renovation (If any) and moving-in. The consultation shall be finalized with a review visit on-site after the client has moved and settled into the premise.

​If you are interested to engage our consultation, please prepare the following;

  • Have your home floor plan and site plan (if available) ready.
  • Get ready names, birth dates and time (western calendar), gender of all occupants.,
  • An appointment will be set up for the consultation.

Great care and attention to details requires 1.5 to 2 hours on-site consultation. Please contact us for more information.


Commercial spaces, retail units, office buildings and even your own office room or cubicle will undergo periods of cyclical energy patterns.

Selecting the right location or corner within your office or building will extract maximum positive Chi and will help circumvent negative energies. If you have been assigned a location or spot by management, our consultants can help you to identify and mitigate any flaws as well as enhancing the existing high points in that office.

For the bigger picture, an overall Feng Shui for the entire office will include an analysis of the building's external factors, its door location, the placement of its company's logo and signage, identifying vital locations for management team's workspaces. More critically, key personnel such as the head or the company, its directors, sales functions, finance, production and whatever is primary to its business will be put on top priority.

Recommendations will be made to positioning, fittings, human flow and the effective use of existing sources of elements without interfering into the overall design, look and feel of the office or retail space.

As your business is extremely important to you, great care and attention to details by our consultants requires 2 to 3 hours on-site consultation. Please contact us for more information.