Feng Shui bags for every fashion style

At Baifu, we believe that being fashionable should not come at the expense of Feng Shui and vice-versa. We offer a limited collection of fashionable yet Feng Shui compliant designer’s bag to suite your daily fashion style.

Choose the right shape and size

Modern career women today carries a lot more in their bags, as such it is important that you choose the right size and shape that will compliment your fashion style as well as presenting an overall balanced outlook that aid in the attracting positive Chi.

Choose the right colour

Each colour has a specific meaning and corresponds with the Feng Shui’s five elements. Selecting a colour that aligns with your astral and spiritual energies can improve and even enhances your Chi energy levels. Therefore select a colour that is supportive of you and avoid those that clashes with your birth sign or horoscope.

Colour representation:

  • Red or any shade of red denotes Fire
  • Green or any shade of green denotes Wood
  • Yellow, beige and cream represents Earth
  • Black or blue represents Water

So, when you go shopping for a new bag next time, please remember that choosing the right size, shapes and colours will help you in life in more ways than you will realised consciously.

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